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  Use this form to register as a new registered Provider within the SWIFT partner programme. By completing this form, you request to be registered as a parent Provider and accept all the fees associated to this registration (see the SWIFT Partnering Overview document). Should you wish to register as an affiliated Provider of an already registered parent, you need to ask your parent company to request your registration as an affiliate  
Provider information  
  Please provide the following information
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Company Information  
  State the full legal name and registered address of the company that is joining SWIFT.
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Billing details  
  State the full legal name and registered address of your company.
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Contact person  
  Please provide the information for the primary business contact person. This person will in particular be responsible for all matters regarding its SWIFT usership.
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First administrator  
  Please provide the information for your first administrator
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Second administrator  
  Please provide the information for your second administrator
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Administration of SWIFTNet Security  
  SWIFTNet Security Officers are responsible for security administration that involves creation and maintenance of electronic certificates. Certificates are used for authentication on SWIFTNet.
Only if you plan to order an infrastructure on SWIFT's Integration testbed (ITB) soon, select Yes to the question below, fill-in the provided section, get it signed when requested with the signatures of the 2 nominated SWIFTNet Security Officers and send a printed version of this order to:

S.W.I.F.T. SCRL Membership Management
Avenue Adele 1
B-1310 La Hulpe
Company profile  
  Please describe the background and organisation (business lines) of your company. Please include the following information:
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  What is your company's statement of vision vis-à-vis your proposed collaboration with SWIFT? (Please provide a written statement of no more than one page of your motivation to join the SWIFT partner programme)
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  What swift related software applications (e.g. supporting SWIFT standards) does your company support?
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  What professional services does your company provide?
Name   Description  
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  Financial status - please provide the following information about your company's financial situation:
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Customer references  
  Please provide at least one reference SWIFT customer. This customer can also be a prospect or a sponsor
Customer   BIC   Contact name   Email   Phone  
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Terms and Conditions  
  By returning this form, the applicant registered Provider agrees to the SWIFT Partner Programme - Terms and conditions, the person submitting this form declares to have the full authority to do so for and on behalf of the applicant registered Provider.