Interaction with third party software

You encounter issues during installation

If you experience issues during the installation, then please check if you can temporarily disable the following software:

  • AVG Antivirus: Wrongly reports jvm.exe as infected (false positive) and blocks the installation of the 3SKey software

The following programs contain older version of Gemalto drivers and must be uninstalled before the 3SKey software can be installed:

  • IDGo 800
  • eToken PKI Client
  • Safenet iKey

You encounter issues during the login

If you experience login problems and cannot connect to the portal, then please check if you temporarily can disable or uninstall the following software:

  • Sagem Cryptographic Token Server v. 5.02: This service is installed with Safran tokens and can block the login to the 3SKey portal. You can stop this service via services.msc. Note that stopping the service will prevent use of the Safran tokens (until the service or the computer is restarted). If the Safran tokens are no longer in use then you can uninstall the Safran Morpho software completely.
  • ActivIdentity ActivClient: This software is sometimes preinstalled on HP computers and prevents access to the token
  • TrendMicro Antivirus
  • GPG 4 Win
  • Kaspersky Security Suite: Disable the "Secure Keyboard input" option under settings > secure data input, or add an exclusion for the portal. More information on the Kaspersky website.
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