User group

How to create a user group

It is the responsibility of the 3SKey administrator to create the user group and to add users to a specific user group.

Important note: If you get the 3SKey user group setup screen and you are not the 3SKey administrator, then you must cancel this operation immediately. You will need to ask your 3SKey administrator to add your token to a user group before you can activate it.

Ensure that you have 2 unactivated tokens and a default password that you received with the tokens. Then you can create your user group as follows:

  1. Insert the first token into a USB port.
  2. Go to and click on "Log in".

    You will be asked to enter the default password three times during this procedure.

    Your Unique ID will appear (for example, corp12345678). Once the token has been activated, it must be registered with each bank with which you have a relationship.

    Do not remove the token from the USB port during this procedure.
    Ensure you complete the steps in less than 5 minutes (if your connection remains inactive for more than 5 minutes, it will be deactivated by the portal).

  3. After logging in, you have to accept the Terms and Conditions related to accessing the 3SKey Portal. Click "Continue".

    A Warning appears that the token does not belong to a user group. Click "Continue".

  4. The following window appears: create user group

    Insert the second unactivated token into another USB port, without removing the first Administrator token.

  5. Choose an Alias for each token. SWIFT recommends that you make this a meaningful name to easily identify the holder of each token.
  6. Enter the password for the second administrator token. This is the default password that you received with the tokens.
  7. Click "Create user group". The following window appears: user group created succesfully

    Remove the second administrator token from the USB port (still without removing the first administrator token) and give it to the second administrator who must activate it.

    Ensure that the second administrator has the default password received with the token.

    Click "Continue" to activation and the portal automatically continues with the activation of the first administrator

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