Lock.exe application on NG-Flash tokens

NG-Flash tokens have a virtual CD drive that holds a lock.exe application as shown below:

Lock.exe application on NG-Flash tokens

The lock.exe application protects the files located on the Flash partition of the token with a password.
This password is not linked to the password used to access the certificate on the token and locking the Flash partition has no impact on the signing operations performed with the token.

If a password has been set on the NG-Flash partition, then the following window pops up each time the token is plugged in :

Pop-up window on token plug-in

Clicking on Disable password Disable password button prompts the password and unlocks the Flash partition.

If 6 wrong passwords are entered in the lock.exe application, then the Flash partition is formatted and unlocked as shown below:

Flash partion is formatted after 6 wrong password attempts

If this happens, then all files stored on the Flash partition are deleted. However, this has no impact on the certificate and the token can still be used to sign as before.

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