Supported token models

End of support for old token models

SWIFT began distributing the 3SKey token model 5110 in 2017 and this model replaced the previous token models eToken PRO and NG-Flash.

SWIFT will be providing support for PRO and NG-Flash tokens until 31 December 2020, with the current versions of the 3SKey Token Software and SConnect available on the 3SKey website.

SWIFT will be providing extended support for PRO and NG-Flash 3SKey tokens as long as vendor middleware that recognizes them is available and supported by SWIFT. For an issue encountered when using a token of the old model SWIFT support may instruct to recover the certificate on a token of the newer model.

SWIFT recommends that you do not use tokens of the old models anymore to activate, recover or renew your 3SKey certificates. Not activated tokens of the old models can be discarded safely. Activated tokens of the old models that have a valid business certificate must be recovered on a new token, or revoked, before discarding the old token. Please follow the policies in place in your organization for safely disposal of security devices.

How to visually identify the token model

Token model 5110:

eToken PRO (end of support):

eToken NG-Flash (end of support):

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