Error 0x80070532

You receive an error
There was an error while validating your PIN
Error Code: 0x80070532.

from the Smart Card service after entering your token password on the 3SKey portal or in your signing application

Your token password has expired and must be changed.

This message shows if the SWIFT token client software was not installed on your computer, or if your signing application doesn't use the Safenet libraries to access the token.

When you insert a token which password already expired or will expire in less than 30 days on a computer where the SWIFT token client software is installed, a prompt to change the token password will appear in the notification area. Make sure you install the SWIFT token client to stay informed of the expiration status of your token password. Make sure you remove the token from the computer when unused, the expiry date of the token password will be evaluated when you plug the token in.

To change the token password:

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