Token installation

How to install your token software



  1. Token software installation
  2. Verify your software
  3. How to reinstall the 3SKey certificate on a new system?



Token software installation

The provision and use of the 3SKey solution are governed by the 3SKey Terms and Conditions. Always refer to the latest available version on SWIFT Contracts.
For more information about the features and functions of the 3SKey solution, and your roles and responsibilities as a 3SKey user or 3SKey subscriber or those of SWIFT as the provider of the 3SKey solution, regularly check the latest available version of the 3SKey Service Description on Documentation.

Important: the provision and use of 3SKey tokens are subject to United States export restrictions and other sanction programmes. Persons located in or from Cuba, North Korea, Iran, Sudan or Syria, and persons identified on US government or EU 'denied party' or specifically designated nationals lists, are not permitted to possess or use 3SKey tokens.

   Click here to accept the 3SKey Terms and Conditions referred to above.
By accepting, you also represent and warrant to SWIFT that you are not subject to any of the export restrictions and other sanction programmes that would prohibit your possession or use of the 3SKey tokens. Then click Continue.

  1. Ensure no 3SKey token is plugged in
  2. Download the software

    • Windows XP is not supported anymore.
  3. Extract the zip file (or double-click to open it)
  4. Run the executable file by double-clicking (with administrative privileges).
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions

Note: If you encounter issues during installation, please check the steps described here


Support for MAC OS: the use of 3SKey tokens is supported on MAC OS. The support is limited to using 3SKey tokens on a MAC for signing transactions. The token management, including the activation, on the 3SKey portal must be done from a PC.

Install & support for Mac OS



Verify your token software

(For Mac OS, please refer to the page Support for Mac OS)

You can verify that the SWIFT Token software is started successfully by validating the presence of the SafeNet icon () in the Taskbar (bottom right, next to the clock).


You can verify the version of the SWIFT Token software currently installed on your PC following the below procedure:

  • Click on Start, Control Panel, Programs, Programs and Features
  • Scroll down the list and find SafeNet Authentication Client and SWIFT Token Client
  • The column Version will return the currently installed version




Run the SelfTest in the Start menu > All Programs > Swift Token Client. The results will appear after a few seconds. If the version of Safenet Authentication Client is 9.0.43 then you are running the latest version of the 3SKey software.



How to reinstall the 3SKey certificate on a new system?

To use your 3SKey certificate on a different system you simply need to reinstall the 3SKey software.

Once the software is installed and your token has already been activated and registered with your bank(s) then the certificate will be detected when the token is plugged in.

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