What is SConnect and how to install it?

SConnect is a browser extension that can be used to access the 3SKey portal. SConnect makes it possible for the 3SKey portal to communicate with tokens directly in the browser using JavaScript.

SConnect is a Java applet free method for applications to communicate with tokens and can be used as an alternative to Java. We recommend that end-users install the SConnect browser extension now. Java applets are being discontinued for industry security initiatives.

Note about Java : Your signing application might still require Java, please contact your provider for more information. If you did not install SConnect you can also use Java and Internet Explorer 11 to login to the 3SKey portal. If installed, Sconnect will be the preferred method of logging in to the 3SKey portal.

SConnect is supported on the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer 11.

How to install SConnect?

You must install the SWIFT Token Client before installing SConnect. Please refer to the How to install your token software page to install the SWIFT Token Client and SConnect.

The installation of the SConnect browser extension can also be triggered automatically by browsing to an application that uses SConnect.

Detailed installation and uninstallation steps can be found in the SConnect FAQ.

More information

  • Operating System requirements

    SConnect has been qualified on Microsoft Windows only.

  • New user or installation on new workstation

    If you are a new user or if you are installing the 3SKey solution on a new computer you should install the SWIFT Token Client software and Sconnect.

  • Existing user

    If you are an existing user, you should keep the SWIFT Token Client software installed and also install Sconnect

  • Why moving to SConnect?

    NPAPI plugin support is being deprecated in modern web browsers and commercial use of Java SE 8 will require the acquisition of a licence after January 2019 in order to continue receiving Java Security updates. Sconnect also allows for multiple browser support.

  • Should I remove or keep the 3SKey software?

    Please keep the 3SKey software package installed to ensure the compatibility with third-party applications.

  • Is my provider or banking application compatible with SConnect?

    Please liaise directly with the provider of your application or with your bank to know more.

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