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3SKey Help

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Determine the most appropriate contact point

  • Your 3SKey distributing Bank provides the 3SKey tokens, the default password and the getting started procedures.

    Your bank can assist you with the installation, activation and renewal of your tokens. Your partner banks also register your 3SKey certificate after an activation, reset, recovery or renewal. Aside to your regular support channel, your bank may have a dedicated support to assist with 3SKey certificates.

  • Signature application support channels help with the configuration and use of the signature portal and application.

  • SWIFT 3SKey corporate support helps with technical difficulties encountered during the installation or token maintenance on the 3SKey portal.

If you encounter issues in a banking or signature application, try to login to the 3SKey portal. If the login is successful, and if the "Key Information" screen displays a business certificate, then your system and token are correctly configured. Contact your Bank or Application support for any remaining issue. We also recommend testing with another token or on another computer, with help of your IT support.

If you are a Bank or an application publisher, please contact your regular SWIFT Support Centre.

The following table gives common scenarios and their corresponding contact point:

Contact your Bank
Contact your Banking Application support
Contact SWIFT 3SKey corporate support
  • Procedures: installation, activation, renewal, reset, recovery, revoke
  • Initial password for new tokens
  • Token orders
  • Registration of a 3SKey certificate after activation, renewal, reset or recovery
  • Configuration of the certificate in the banking application
  • Connection, configuration and use of the banking application
  • Questions or issues with a transaction
Before contacting support, verify that the solution is not already present on the Self-Help page.

SWIFT 3SKey E-mail support

If you've determined here above (points 1 and 2) that your question is not present in the online 3SKey self help and should be solved by SWIFT 3SKey support, then you can submit your query via e-mail including a description of the issue to a support analyst. The support analyst will investigate your problem and contact you.


Please include following information in the mail message:

1. General information

  • Contact details: First name and family name, Email address, Telephone number, Company name
  • Clear description of the problem
  • What is your role on 3SKey and are you the owner of the token?
  • Serial number of the token (displayed on the token)
  • If available, UID of the certificate (starting with corp)

2. What action are you performing on the 3SKey portal?

  • Installing the 3SKey software
  • First activation – Administrators
  • Creating a user group
  • Login
  • Certificate management (clarify which process: Activation, Recovery, Revoke, Renewal or Reset)

3. What error message did you receive?

4. Please zip and attach the installation log files to the e-mail. Here are the default locations where you can find the log files:

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Swift\Swift Token Client\logs\
    Please zip the entire logs folder
  • %TMP%\eTCoreInst.log
    %TMP% is a temporary folder that can correspond to

If you have not installed the 3SKey software yet, then please provide your operating system details: the version of Windows, and the version of your browser.


SWIFT 3SKey Telephone support

Phone support is dedicated to urgent or technical issues that cannot be resolved by email.

Click here to see the phone support details.