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Here you will find the enhancements and fixes included in the lastest releases



  • May 2017:
    • Disable of SSLv3:
      In the context of increasing security, SWIFT disables the non-secure ciphers. Please make sure your browser is configured to use TLS1.0 or higher.
    • Lifetime reduction for 3SKey technical certificates:
      Before tokens are shipped to a distributing bank, 3SKey tokens are personalized by SWIFT with a technical certificate. Technical certificates have a default lifetime of 5 years.
      Due to the changes SWIFT has planned on the PKI topology, the lifetime of these technical certificates will be reduced to 3 years.
      The lifetime reduction will be applied for:
      • New token orders
      • 3SKey tokens that are "setup for reset"
      The activation date for the lifetime reduction is set tot May 27th, 2017.
      Activated tokens will not be impacted by this and can continue to be used.
  • October 2016:
    • Improved on-screen user guidance for token activation and other functions
    • New user management screen:
      • Replacing previous menu page as administrator’s home page
      • Enabling users monitoring as well as updates
    • New users list sorting, filtering and exporting capabilities
    • Alias renamed into Description & usage clarified
  • April 2015:
    • Self-Help pages have been enhanced for a better user experience
    • eToken PKI client reached end of support. The token software should be upgraded to the latest version. Please refer to the Token installation for the latest software and upgrade procedure.
  • January 2015:
    • Added support for Java JRE 8 (32 bit)
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